WC Signs


A good sign starts with a good design. Provide your own or let our team of graphic designers lay out your sign in a pleasing and effective manner.


From wide-format prints in our print room to welders in the shop, WC Signs is a full service sign shop producing everything from prints to fully fabricated signs.


There are many things you can install yourself and then there are some that aren't quiet as easy. We have you covered. Our experienced installation team gets the job done right.


Whether it's new paint, lettering, lights, fixing cracks or something else we have the tools and knowledge to keep your signs and your image looking great!

Creative Custom

To understand the capabilities of our "Creative Custom Team" you will need to look no further than at the diversity of projects brought to them. Our "Creative Custom Team" has worked with artists, marketing managers, business owners, architects, builders and stage and prop designers to create the product they had envisioned. Sometimes our Team will hear," I want it to look like", "I have this idea" or "I need to communicate." Our Team works with each client to meet their unique custom need.

Digital Design
The first step in the creation of any custom product is a producible design for a reasonable cost. In this process it is essential to incorporate the vision of the end product our client has communicated with us. Our team will take your ideas and their creative abilities and design the product you have envisioned.

3D Rendering
An added feature that helps in the creative process is our firm's in-house 3D department. When requested, a 3D rendering will give a realistic view of the product's final appearance showing the colors and materials selected. From our experience, this has greatly helped our clients in getting the custom product they envisioned.

Final Product
Once the product has been designed, WC Signs has a full production facility to produce the final product. Our team will build and install the finished product to ensure the quality from start to finish.

Areas Served

  • Agriculture
  • Municipalities
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Churches
  • Home